Thursday, December 23, 2004

In This Case, I'm a Red-State Man

I'm quite blue in most aspects of my life. I'm politically liberal, my parenting is fairly progressive (I find corporal punishment highly aversive, and have never used it), and the music and art I like tends to be anything but conservative. However, there is one aspect of my life in which I am definitely red. In fact, according to this map (which I had seen before, but rediscovered through Siris), I'm dark red. What does this mean? Well, where I grew up, 80-100% of the people used "coke" to refer to carbonated beverages. If you go into a restaurant there and order a "coke," local servers are likely to ask, "What kind?" I feel so strongly about referring to such drinks as "coke," regardless of brand, that my son's mother and I are currently locked in an epic struggle to influence the term with which he refers to them. You see, she's the worst possible thing anyone could be from a red individual's perspective: blue. That means she calls coke (and I can barely bring myself to even type this) "pop." Pop is a sound balloons make when they burst, not something you drink! Cursed blue-staters. Anything, even yellow ("soda"), is better than blue.

Would I ever vote for a blue-stater, you're wondering? That's hard to say. He or she would have to be a great candidate in all other ways.


Anonymous said...


seems to me that coke's from Columbia; pop's bad music; and soda is used for making glass ....

mayhap - sweetened, flauoured, carbonated beverage? 

Posted by Yelworcs

Anonymous said...

I have the same argument with my fiancee. She's a yankee! 

Posted by Chris Blakley

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely with the blue states on this one. It's soda. Of course, I'm from one of the bluest of the blue, RI. I'm glad to say that that didn't affect me politically. 

Posted by Jeremy Pierce