Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm Not So Bad

Sometimes I think I'm a terrible writer, with all of my digressions and lapses of focus. Then I read something like this, and it makes me feel much better about my own writing skills. Seriously, go read it, for a laugh if nothing else. It takes superfluous self-promotion to new heights. You have to get to the 6th paragraph (out of 8!) just to realize that there is a point to all of the self-aggrandizing bullshit, even though it's quite clear by then that the point could have been made without any of it. If you don't involuntarily utter"wow" when you're done reading this, there may be something wrong with you.


Anonymous said...

Forget writing skills, the real question is: Does his hair make you feel better about your own hair? 

Posted by Macht

Anonymous said...

Ha! His hair reminds me of the Ministry concert I went to in 1993, which, to be perfectly frank, is not something I want to be reminded of. 

Posted by Chris

Anonymous said...

And to think this guy considered (supposedly) attending Harvard, Princeton, the Naval Academy, Dartmouth, or William and Mary.

I guess it came down to the important things in life: girls and alcohol. Three cheers for a "second-tier Ivy league wannabee" graduate, a pursuer of loose women and a consumer of hard liquor! Hip! Hip! 

Posted by Joe