Thursday, September 02, 2004


I know nothing about it. I should write a Tech Central Station article. Tech Central Station strikes, and fails, again.
The Crooked Timber Thesis, or How to Gloss Over Everything Important

Krugman's Got Two Stalkers, Not Just One: Luskin and Burgess-Jackson obsess over the man they secretly love.
The Stalking Continues
Dr. Laura, 13th Century Counselor: Dr. Laura knows jack about men or women.
Fear of Fascism: Is all this fascism talk overblown?
The Academic Bill of Rights: Conservatives and Critical Thinking
How Unclever People Can Use Analogies Cleverly: Gay marriage is like dogs voting.
Homo Floresiensis Is ET: Creationists are insane.
Anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles
One More on the Great War: From Ode Pour L'election De Son Sepulchre.
Deaths in Iraq: Controversy over the Lancet study.
If TCS Thinks It's Not Worth Publishing...: How bad must it be? Ask John Ray.
Gay Marriage Arguments: KBJ gets stupid-er.
Why Are There So Few Conservatives in Academia?
I'm Not So Bad: This makes my writing look Pulitzer-worthy.
I Want to Ban Christmas!">This is satirical... or is it?
A New Definition of Bad: Dinosaurs walked with men.
Linguistic Restraint: The Case of "Fascist Theocracy": Crying wolf in political discourse.
An Interesting Contrast: Theistic and atheistic responses to the tsunami in Asia.
Words of Wisdom on the Christian Nation: Why the "Christian Nation" label is a bad idea.
Well You're All Just a Bunch of [Insert Incredibly Unfair Epithet Here]: The nasty side of the evolution-creationism debate.
What the "Liberal" University Looks Like
The Value of Mud: Mudslinging in the evolution-creationism debate (follow up post).
Sex and Science Careers: The Summers debate, with empirical evidence.
Invincible Summers: Clearing up misconceptions about why Summers was wrong.
Sponge Bob is Brainwashing Your Children: Focus on the Family and James Dobson make asses of themselves.