Friday, September 03, 2004

Supporting Gay Marriage Is Like Supporting Hitler

Or at least that's what Sheri Drew, the woman who performed the opening invocation at the Republican National Convention, thinks. This is a particularly strange view, given the Nazi Party's position on homosexuality. Many gay men were placed in concentration camps, where they were forced to wear armbands with pink triangles. There they were experimented on, castrated, "re-educated," or executed. Heinrich Himmler expressed the Nazi attitude toward homosexuality when he said, "We must exterminate these people root and branch... the homosexual must be eliminated." So, which is more like Hitler, supporting gay marriage, or treating gays as second-class citizens? I will let you decide.

On a related note, the branch of the Nazi Party charged with rounding up and dealing with gay men was called the Reich Central Office for the Combatting of Homosexuality and Abortion. I wonder, is Sheri Drew going to compare pro-choicers to Hitler, as Professor Bainbridge and many others have done? Given her belief that holding the opposite view of homosexuality from Hitler's own makes gay marriage proponents like Hitler, presumably in Drew's Bizarro World, Hitler's anti-abortion stance makes pro-choicers like Hitler.


Anonymous said...

Being a bisexual in favor of gay marriage and a member of the Jewish commmunity, I feel that this article is shit and shouldn't be allowed to remain on your website.

Anonymous said...

meh, im bi to, lol thats funny, infact rather creepy.. doubt either of us will be back.. I wasnt even looking for an article about gay rights.. but anyway, i think he can speak is mind, and its up to everyone else to choose how they want to live... fear and hate.. go ahead, fun or love.. go ahead.. take your pick. spread the word, or dont.. its your choice.