Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another Reading Group Update

MOVED TO THE FRONT: Book voting will end at 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday, August 3), so get your votes in ASAP.

To anyone interested in participating in the reading group. I've gotten a lot of great responses to the email I sent out on Monday, and I think we can start selecting a book now. I will soon send out an email with a list of books that you've suggested or that I think fit the interests people indicated in their responses. I'll include short descriptions of the books, or links to descriptions. I'll post the list on the yahoo group as well (the link to the group is at he bottom of this post).

If you are interested in participating in the group, but haven't yet told me or joined the yahoo group, feel free to do so at any time. If you do so quickly, you can help us select the book. Also, if you've thought of anymore books you'd like to throw into the list, let me know soon. We'll vote on the books over the next few days, and then we can get started.

Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cogbloggroup/

UPDATE to the Update: Votes are coming in fast, and that's good. I want to ask that if you plan on voting for a book this round, please do so in the next day or two, so that we can get started. Some people in the group are in countries far, far away (including way, way down under), and it may take a bit longer for them to get the books, so if we want to start soon, we should decide on a book soon.

Also, for most of the administrative stuff, I'm going to post to the group instead of the blog. I'll still post the major stuff (like the books we've chosen) here, and for now, I'll also send out emails in case some of you haven't joined the group. If you don't want to join the group (I know doing so might mean a lot of emails when the discussions start), let me know, and I'll put you on a list to email you any administrative stuff I post to the group.


alice said...

Hi Chris, Great site. I found you via Libertopia.

I read some of the responses to your reading club venture and it seems to be populated by a lot of scientists, which I am not.

But I do have an interest in cognitive science and have done some "pop-science" reading on the subject. Would Steven Pinker's "How the Mind Works" be too rudimentary for the group?

Chris said...


Actually, we have people from a variety of different disciplines and careers. Some are in science or science-related disciplines, and some aren't. We also have a pretty broad range of level of exposure to cog sci in the group. So, if you'd like to participate, you'd certainly be welcome.

Anonymous said...

How about, The Wayward Mind by Guy Claxton?

xeeg said...

Hey Chris

once I followed a link in your weblog archive to the top 100 most essential works in cognitive science, but I don' seem to find it now. Could you give me the link?

xeeg said...

please ? :)

Tim said...

Do you mean this?


Anonymous said...