Sunday, January 16, 2005

Philosophers' Carnival VIII

The 8th Philosophers' Carnival is here, at enwe's meta-blog. I haven't had time to read many of the posts, but there are a couple on philosophy of mind that sound interesting (one's on multiple-realizability, which is always interesting), and both Clark and Richard have interesting entries. At the end, enwe thanks Richard, who as we all know is responsible for the very existence of the carnival, for his pateince with her English (she is, I believe, a native German speaker). I think she did a wonderful job, though. Ich würde schlechteres auf Deutsch tun (see?).

UPDATE: Finally I have had time to read my way through the entire Carnival. As usual, Brandon has a solid entry, in this case a nice post on approaches to Hume on the external world, while Melbourne Philosopher has an interesting post on First Causes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks at lot.
BTW: Exzellentes Deutsch. :-)


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