Monday, October 25, 2004

Philosopher' Carnival IV: This Time, It's Personal

The 4th Philosophers' Carnival is up at Doing Things With Words. I like the posts at Majikthise on Quine, Mormon Metaphysics on Derrida (Clark Goble actually wrote several on Derrida in the week or so after his death, and they were all very good), and PEA Soup on moral luck. Head over and read them all. I even have a post in this edition of Carnival, but I'm not quite sure how. I don't recall submitting it, but I have been known to blog in my sleep.


Anonymous said...

Ha, yeah, we also accept some 'nominations' (for posts from authors who haven't submitted anything themselves). In this case your inclusion was my fault, hope you don't mind!

P.S. I like the new comments - when did you install the hack? 

Posted by Richard

Anonymous said...

It's no problem. I was just surprised to see my name there.

I installed the hack a couple weeks ago. I like it so far. I hated that people had to log in to blogger or post as anonymous. 

Posted by Chris

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I tried to check out the link to the Leiter Reports, but it was broken...oh, well.

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