Monday, July 25, 2005

Reading Group Update

Today I sent out an email to everyone who expressed interest in participating in the reading group. If you gave me your email address, but didn't receive an email, please let me know. Also, if you're interested but haven't yet said so, let me know, and I'll forward the email to you. The email contains some questions designed to help us iron out the details of the group so that we can get started. Some people have already replied, and one of the really good suggestions was that I start a yahoo or google group. So I just created a yahoo group. I've never done yahoo groups before, but it seems easy enough. The group is called Cognitive Science Blog Reading Group, and the following are the email addresses that yahoo gave me when I created it:
Post message:
If you want to go ahead and subscribe, feel free. You can subscribe even if you don't want to participate, though I think anyone can read the postings even without subscribing.

Someone also suggested a cog sci wiki, which I think would be an excellent idea if we could get other cognitive scientists to participate, but I don't know if it's very practical right now. However, I do highly recommend the MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences. All of the entries were written by experts, and contain great references. It used to be available for free on the internet, but when they finally got around to publishing it in book form, they made the online version subscription only. The book is not cheap, either, at $68. So you may want to just ask me, or someone else in the field, if you have questions about specific topics or concepts. If I don't feel qualified to answer, then I'll know someone who is.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I did not receive the email. Try, or, or
I also have a suggestion, a book I'm just finishing called The Robot's Rebellion" by Keith E. Stanovich, University of Chicago Press. Although I think the book is flawed, he does take on a number of issues you have repeatedly discussed in your posts, such as evolutionary psychology, which he buys into, whether we can transcend it, human rationality and heuristics and biases in reasoning, and cognitive unconcious and architecture. I think it might be provacative even if we don't all agree with it. Finally, a request: you mentioned a follow up to your post on creative cognition with empirical research based on the Genplore model, but i don't think you followed up. I hope you will. Steve

Anonymous said...

For poor students living on baked beans, there is a pdf copy of MITECS floating about on certain well-known p2p networks.

Buket said...

Hi Chris,

Gave my e-mail in another comment section but i ll repeat it from here as well.

Good day

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